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2013 - 2014 Season Dates and Limits

Available in August


Each hunt is conducted in a professional manner, but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  We pride ourselves in providing enjoyable hunts with an opportunity of taking a limit of ducks.  Our private rice and soybean fields, reservoirs, and sloughs provide quality hunts that can be enjoyed by the hunter without worry of public pressure.

The hunt will start with a quick safety review and we will address any questions.  Then, a ten-minute ride to the pit finds us awaiting the morning flight.  Soon after the morning light greets us, you will understand why we call it "Quack Attack."  The sound of wings fills the air as we anxiously await legal time.  Within minutes, you will be in the middle of a hunt that will not soon be forgotten!

Our blinds and pits are strategically placed in areas where waterfowl are naturally drawn.  We have been hunting these fields for years which enables us to stack the odds in your favor.  Nevertheless, if the birds choose to use another area, we are adequately equipped to pick up and move to another location.

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